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Any works published in Spain. The works have been arranged alphabetically, ac- cording to the surnames of their acknowledged writers. To this rale the Books of Chivalry form an excep- tion, whose titles have been preferred as more generally known than the names of the authors. These observations, and the Index at the com- mencement, arranged according to the prevailing taste in Spanish literature, including the works which arc comprised in the Supplement to the Catalogue, are in- serted with a view of facilitating as touch as possible 'the finding of any particular work, so that every one may readily meet with the books adapted to the ttire of bis studies.

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Spanish Bibliography is so little known, and the materials relating to it are so irregularly -scattered in several works, that a few remarks on that topic Will not, it is hoped, be unacceptable to the public. I have not confined myself to observations on the rarity Of the books, or the peculiarities of tbe edition, but have Ofteh endeavoured to discover and correcrtthe errors -of Nicholas Digitized by LjOOQle VI Antonio, Latasaa, Ximeno, Pinelo, Mendez, Pellicf , Mayans, Diosdado, La Serna Santander, and other Spa- niards 'who, either professedly, or incidentally, have treated on this subject.

Such notes are intended as a temporary guide, till the publication of a work on Spanish Bib- Hography, in whiph i am now engaged. It will suffipc for the. The quality of the binding is a so expressed whenever it increases the price pf the books: I have also taken the liberty to recommend the literary merit of some modern Spanish writers which are jittle known out of their country.

The exclusive attention which has been given of late, throughout Europe, , to the ancient Spanish literature, seems to prevent ade- quate justice being done to the individuals, who, from the middle of the last century, have successfully re- vived the pure style of the Gcanadas, Leons, and Ar- gensolas, and have made it the , vehicle of Religion, Natural Philosophy, History, and, sound Criticism. The terms scarce , rare , and very rare , have been affixed according to the result of my studies, the in- formation 1 have acquired during my visit to foreign qouniries, and the experience I have gained as a bookseller.

Such, either modern or ancient, as from the limited number of co- pies of the original edition, or some other accidental cause, are seldom met with, 1 have called rare. Anx- ious to avoid the suspicion of describing any books in my possession with a view of enhancing their price, I have been extremely cautious in applying the note very rare , and have every reason to trust that it will seldom, if ever, be found inaccurate.

Though there is a possibility of such errors, I can with the greatest confidence assure the public that they will never be traced to want of diligence, or of candour. My readiness to correct any inaccuracies which may be found in this Catalogue, will prove the deep sense of respect which I entertain for the knowledge so generally diffused throughout this country. If any one should take the trouble of pointing out my errors, it would add to the debt of gratitude I already owe, and which I take pleasure in acknowledging, for the encourage- ment I have met with since the political changes of Spain in drove me for shelter to this happy land of Civil and Religious Liberty.

London, ISIay 1, A be 11a— Academia. Cristo- val — Saez. Abelards— Abnlcachn— Academia. See also No. See also' No. Josef — Rodriguez D. An- dres — Ximeno—Zuniga. See also Libro de vidas and No. See Gampo- manes — Heliodoro— Hippocratis.

Karezza: el método para disfrutar más del sexo

Ramon de la — Fernandez de Mata— Ferreira Vasconcelos. Poema — Montiano — Mo- ratin D. Leandro Fernandez.

Fern, de — -Pellicer Casiano — Perez de Oliva. Manuel Josef — Rasgos — Salas Barbadillo. Anales— Beaumont — Bouilly — Campomanes. Teona — Vieyra — Villanueva.

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Nov — Catecismo. Alvarez Ossorio — Argote — Corridas — Espinar. Academia — Adricomio — Anquetil — Botero— Busieres. Obras — Report orio — Tornamira— V enero. Abella — Abulcacim — Academia. Casiano — Pellicer D. Joseph — Peregrines — Perez Antonio. Francisco de — Q a in tana D. Cristoval — Rodriguez D. Javtne — Ximenez Fr.

Alonso — Fer- nandez P. Juan Patricio — Freire de Andrada. Gregorio — Garcilesso de la Vega El Inca. Sec also No. Mar- cello de — Robinson — Rodriguez P. Triunfo — Veitia— Venegas P. Lorenzo — Torrubia — Valdecebro — Vallejo. Acosta Christoval — Agmer.

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Silva — Mi nano — Miscelanea. Diferencias — Vega D. Joseph de la — Villena. Acevedo — Boecio — Bovistau. Adrian — Alberto.

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  • Karezza: el método para disfrutar más del sexo - La Opinión de Málaga?
  • El 'top ten' de los lugares favoritos para el sexo furtivo en Málaga.

See also. No — Aleman. See also No 1. Bernardo de — Barrios. Ramon de la — Davila Mtro. Juan — Delitiae. See Question de amor — Salazar y Hontiveros — Sal- mos. Luis de — Zuniga. Juan de — Uztariz — Veitia — Vera y Figueroa. Bails — Catecismo. Luis de. Alonso — Fernandez P. Luis de — Levita.

Christoval — Navarrete Domingo Fernandez — Nieto. Francisco — Obregon. Rodrigo de — Soria — Soto Fr. Jay me — Villanueva D. Joaquin Lor.

Colonia Marconi, principal foco de prostitución en Madrid

Alonso El rey Don el sabio. See Argote de Molina. See Chronica. See Sanchez.

See Coleccion de Cronicas — Cota Rodri- go. Alvaro de Luna. Inigo — Manrique Jorge. See Colecdon de Crbnieas and No. See Lopez de Mendoza-— Villena D. Henrique de Aragon, Mar- ques de. See Aristoteles. Los ocho and Ciceron. Epistoku — Acos- ta Joseph de — Agnstin Antonio. See Arugustini— Alcantara— Aldrete — Aleman. See Alberto. Ber- nardo de — Ballesteros Fernando de.

See Ferrdra. Carlos — Coloma D. Eugenio — Comendador El Griego. See Comedias — Fuenmayor. IfiWorta— Garai Blasco de. See also Comedias — Her- nandez de Velasco.